Dauri Nei Diogo – Born 08/28/56 Dracena – São Paulo – Brazil

Dauri Nei Diogo – Born 08/28/56 Dracena – São Paulo – Brazil
Plastic artist and music composer
Active member of artistic and cultural life in Salvador – Bahia

As Plastic Artist:
Academic course in painting with Lourenço Luiz – 1992 till 1994
Course at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia – 1996
Work of art in Latin Americam Art Museum collection – USA
Artist cataloged in book - Imago Mundi - Brazil: Land of the Future - Contemporary Artists from Brazil - Luciano Benetton Foundation - Italy
He participated of several exposures.
His works can be found with several collectors from Brazil and other countries.

As Composer:

He has more then 40 musical compositions together with great musicians from Bahia, like: Armandinho, John Wesley, Edegar de Almeida and Edu Casanova. Among the recorded ones, there are renowned compositions in a program named “Terça da Boa Música”, patronized by cultural foundation of Bahia – “Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia”
With his main CD, he had the approval from a state project named “Faz Cultura”, in Bahia.
His musical compositions were interpreted by John Wesley when in tour to several countries of Europe, where could obtain public and critical recognition.