Perception of the world

Art is the communion of man with himself and, in consequence, with the other. (Dauri Diogo)

Art is the way artist has to reveal his experience with sensibility for intellectual pleasure, and to transmit his artistic and living experiences to posterity.
The artist sees the world in a wide and unlimited way, revealing it with a playful and critical way for intellectual growth and social well-being.
Art is immortal, that’s why we will have all the time for what we intend to do. It’s like a good wine and its taster, or better, it has something like time and its consistence. Because, as this conscience wakes up, a much more critical point of view grows and, mainly, a much more critical quality grows together.
My work’s great impact is to induce man to look for his auto-analysis ith the conscience of the necessity of touching life’s essence. Just like my geometric figures do – almost all of them with their heads out of their bodies, threw out somewhere at the side of the screen. These figures also reach life’s essence through meditation in the center of screen.
In arts, where there’s a will, there’s a way, because through an instrument of art we can do what can’t be done and we can change the impractical things into reality. It’s like giving wings to whom they are not expected to belong. That’s why my work of art is not another technical way I have to express feelings in shapes and colors. It’s my life itself. It’s the lasting glass of wine we drink to happiness. It’s colors of the place I have for creation and the creature I’m supposed to bring up.
My wish is to see humankind drinking of this glass, that is the glass from life, from comprehension and from valorization of quality in art and changing itself into the ideal public to the artist, sharing the same necessities of knowledge, insight and assimilation of the works of art in a critical way.